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Thanks to Ingantt’s tight integration with Google Drive, you can use all Google Drive’s features like saving files to your own cloud, opening them on different devices and sharing them with other people.

Sign in to Google

If you’re not signed in to Google, you can use Ingantt to open or edit local files on your device.

To save your files to your Google Drive, sign in to Google first. When you click on Sign in with Google button, a standard popup dialog from Google opens.

Ingantt asks you to enable the following permissions on Google:

  • See your profile info: this information is used to identify you as a user.
  • Connect itself to your Google Drive: this is Web version only. It allows you to create or open Ingantt files from Google Drive’s web user interface (New button or Open with menu).
  • See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app: this permission allows Ingantt to create and edit its own files in your Google Drive (but does not allow Ingantt to open your other files).

Troubleshooting Sign in to Google (Web)

If you have any issues signing in it to Google from your web browser, check the following:

  • Google sign in is done via a popup from Google’s side. Make sure your browser doesn’t block popups for Ingantt.
  • Check that your browser does not block Third party sign in for Ingantt.
  • If you are unable to create or edit Ingantt files directly from the web interface of Google Drive, re-login and make sure to give Ingantt the permission to Connect itself to your Google Drive.


Using Google Drive’s own application, you can share your Ingantt file with another person, people or groups of people, just like you would with any file.